Male gabitarny image

Male gabitarny image
Environmental or surroundings’ image – impression that is made by things which surround a person, together with your interests. Environment surrounds a man and carries certain information about him, his business. Its either flat or house, car or office, hobby or even mobile phone ringtone. All them speak about person’s social status, attitude towards work, about habits, passions, tastes, hobbies etc.
Imagemaker will analyse your ‘environmental’ image and organize it due to your image concept.
  • Personal fragrance map. Individual selection of fragrances for different life situations, in consideration with client’s lifestyle;
  • Working space organization. Projection and creation of harmonic and favorable working space for a client;
  • Automobile as a part of environmental image. Selection of a right car, that corresponds to the person’s image, status, budget and demands of social environment

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