Doesn't matter who you are and what you do, image is important. No matter if you are going for an interview or getting ready for the first dating, clothes matter. Follow the experts’ advice and you’ll learn dress yourself to look always perfect and feel the best of yourself! Find out which colors suit you best, which styles suit you most. Discover your style and learn to use it 100%. Add finalizing stokes which will supplement your look.
Imagology is a system of different knowledge and skills. Its informational bank consists of such disciplines as psychology, ethics, pedagogics, sociology, theatrical direction and actor’s skill, cosmetology, clothes design etc. But the main thing is that imagology is theoretically-practical basis of projection and using technologies of personal charm.
Statistics: marketing researches show that up to 60% of men can’t choose themselves a suit. The most critical this problem is faced by people with not standard body type, people who need clothes for a special occasion, and also by companies who want to introduce personal corporate dress code. Many women are also faced with a problem of finding not expensive but suitable and aesthetic clothes.

So, what is IMAGE?

Image is a certain carefully constructed personal look with the aim of the best presentation of individuality, as well as active conscious and subconscious influence on other people. This is impressions and associations other people have towards you, as well as your attitude to the others.
Aims of image formation?
Social aim: positive perception and person’s evaluation by other people.
Personal aim: formation of positive attitude towards someone or something.
Types of images: corporate (the image of company/ organization/ group), and individual (image of a concrete personality).
Creation of new look or correction of the present one which will correspond to the person’s perception of himself as well as the highest demand of society.
Procedure: determination of image aim, things need to be corrected, individual-psychological peculiarities of a client; formation of favourable image to individual tasks.

Specialist: Ana Varava


Сoloristic analysis. Determination of person’s color type and appropriate color scale (the most suitable colors for clothes, make-up and hair). It will make your skin shine, and you – look fresh, attractive and young.
Body type determination, figure peculiarities. Every body type requires certain rules in clothes selection which make you slender or full, taller or shorter, more narrow or wide in different parts of the body.
Wardrobe revision. Analysis of the present wardrobe together with professional stylist-shopper, finding out most favourite and not liked items, which are worn and not worn. How they suit your color type, silhouette, if their texture suits your, and how they match your lifestyle. It’s good opportunity to get rid of out-of-date and unnecessary things, and also to complete your wardrobe in a new fashion.

Men’s image

Researches approve that to find a good job, build career and to succeed in big business, the solving meaning isn’t only played by your qualification and experience, but also your Image. A shirt that matches a suit, modern tie – and you are changed! Your style is creative potential in your career, personal relations, in family relations, during your rest time and in the office: representative, courageous and confident look will open you a way to success in business world; energetic, bright and cheerful style will help you feel yourself unchained and easy with your family and during rest.
Every man can and must look perfectly!


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